Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Peasus Chroust

Yesterday's post was a bit heavier than normal. But back to our regularly scheduled programing.

My grandmother is Catholic. And I grew up next door to her. I call her Bubba.

One of the things my grandmother hates is when I take the Lord's name in vain. (Which I do an alarming number of times a day.)

After saying "Jesus Christ!" more loudly than necessary at my desk, one of the girls I work with said, "you know you say that so often, I started saying it now!" and I was like ugh crap! I'm infecting the youth with my ungodly ways! but really I was like, "yikessss sorry about it. Bubba hates when I say it too." Also she's only a year younger than I am.

So we decided we needed to come up with an alternative that was not as sinful but still something I could say when something really irritates the snot out of me.

So we came up with Peasus Chroust.

Now, this isn't supposed to be and/or mean like a Jesus, Jesus, bo besus, banana-nana fo fesus, mi-my-mo mesus JESUS! Kind of scenario. It's not poking fun at the guy, I just needed an alternative!

So when you see me saying Chroust, this is why. And I'd be happy for you to join in with me on it. Because, truthfully, you don't want Bubba mad at you.

Also something that regularly drives me to curse? Trying to take a not-absolutely-obnoxious picture with Tom.

awkward photos

Monday, January 23, 2017


This probably isn't the post you're expecting.

Here's why I'm writing. It's 7:10 on Saturday, January 21st. And although I was productive today, I did stay in all day.

And for the last half hour or so I've been looking at photos of women's marches all over the country. All over the world.

Some of the images of people who stood up for what they believe in. For what I believe in.

March in Boston MA
March in Washington, D.C.
March in Hartford, CT

Those images, in particular the one from Hartford is why I'm feeling regretful. Honestly I was distracted. And hungry and being impatient with Lil and a bunch of other things.

And because I was not paying attention, not until later in the evening did I check in on social media. And then I realized I missed a historic opportunity. Not just to be a part of something big but to stand with people who understand the importance of what this movement is about.

I'm so proud of every person who went out to stand up for what they believe and for what I believe.

And now, a quick note to those of you who showed up for such an important day:

I'm embarrassed that I wasn't standing with you. I love you. All of you. It's people like you who inspire me and others. I promise that I will do more. Continue to stand up against the people and initiatives that will only hurt the future. I'll stand with you and I will not disappoint myself or you like this again.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Things I Accomplished Last Week

1. Came up with an initial plan for the Glitter & Sarcasm Shop!

Without giving too much away, next weeks "accomplished" post will be a bit more exciting! I have some actual plans not just general stuffs.

2. Didn't get fired

Even though it was a short week this week, it was nahtttt easy. Also I feel like most weeks it's an accomplishment to not get fired... I'm not exactly even-tempered.

3. Won second place in trivia

We were tied and I beat the other team's guy at Rock, Paper, Scissors! (Which I'm dirrrrty at) And we got $50 to a ticket purchase place and $30 to World Of Beer which is where the trivia was being hosted.

4. Drank 24 oz of slightly over room temperature Coors Light at a minor league hockey game

I really don't like beer but I feel a strong compulsion to finish any alcoholic drinks I get. So two 12oz beers that cost $2 each still count.

5. Survived

Considering we officially have our 45th president in office, this may also be a recurring accomplishment. You can accomplish a lot in 7 days. Use them wisely!

You can do a lot in 7 days. What are you going to accomplish this week?

fall sunset

Friday, January 20, 2017

New Year, New Me

I think that "new year, new you" saying is hilarious. 99% of the time people use it, the context is terrible. So ALL January I use, "new year, new me!" as a reason for doing absurd things (like eating ice cream for dinner) or things I have done for some time and will continue to do that are in no way new (like eating ice cream for dinner).

But it is January and honestly, there are SO many things I want to do. And have wanted to do for too long. But I haven't done them. So what the hell? Here are the things I'm committing to do this year. FOR REAL.

1. Have less than $500 in credit card debt at all times. 

First, I want to get down to $0 balances on my cards but then keep the balances on all cards under $500 total. That's still more than my ultimate, future goal but I know if it's too far out of reach, I'll never actually stick to the goal. Plus I'm HORRIBLE with money but I think having an actual goal instead of just having "don't spend money like a damn bozo" is going to help. Also I'm trying to keep up with all that on mint and it seems to actually be helping so far!

2. Be more outdoorsy (in more than a I walked the dog today kind of way)

We have a couple friends that moved back to the area who are superrrrr into hiking. I want to do that! And Lil loves that kind of stuff plus it makes her exhausted bonus! And I get really anxious when I spend all day in the house so this would help. And I also have turned into a complete lazy turd face over the last year in particular and I need to be more active or I'll melt into the couch.

3. Travel!

I'm not necessarily talking cray trips all over the world but just making an effort to explore new places. We have a trip to Portland, Maine planned for the spring and I'm going to Brazil for 12 days in May (WHICH I'M SO PUMPED ABOUT) and we go to California every fall for a work trip / family visit. I want to do those things and, while keeping costs reasonable, do even more!

4. Start my Etsy shop

I've thought about starting an Etsy shop about 40 billion times and then not following through. I want to follow through this year though! I have so many ideas in notebooks and on scrap papers of what I want to do and I'm just a pain in my own ass and haven't put in any effort to movie forward on it.

Also I'd like to not suck at blogging so much. I don't want it to be a chore but I love doing it when I have something I care enough about writing. UGH self motivation is RULL hard.

Friday, April 8, 2016


I don't know if you've heard the Meghan Tranior song No it was on my "I'm at least entertaining the idea of going out tonight" playlist.  If you haven't heard it, here it is:

I LOVE this song. Here are the reasons why:
  1. It's catchy and I am powerless against catchy songs
  2. I like that it's a girl power song without being a man-hating song
  3. The "I was in my zone" line is me to a T. I jam out and look like a complete weirdo by myself and that's how I like it. I don't want a girl crampin' my style either. 
  4. It's a positive message! Girls, you can say no and that's that! Don't feel bad about it. And guys, if it's a no then you got no chance so move on. 
  5. It's fun to sing and dance to. That's very important. 
Women should be empowered to say no. Don't be rude, just be firm. You don't need an excuse. You don't need a boyfriend or husband.

Granted, I have a wonderful guy in my life so I do the "THANKS I'M ALL SET!" as I dance away move.

But I'm not a jerk, I don't assume dudes are tryna get wit dis. (I mean typically I'm the one in a unicorn shirt, jeans and converse dancing by myself to Good Charlotte) But if a guy comes up to dance with me I'm like "nahhhhh thanks tho!" and if a guy buys me a drink I'm like "OOH THANKS, I'm leaving now" and if a guy is just talking to me I'm like "cool, hey! I'm here to get drunk too! See ya!"

There's a difference between feminism and man-hating. And it's an important one.

Basically here's the deal:
  • don't be obnoxious
  • say what you mean
background photo by Ashley Ella Designs
Both those rules go for everyone, it just makes things easier on everybody! If you don't want a drink from a rando, say you don't want one but don't be a jerk about it. If you want to dance with someone, ask them. If you get turned, you're outta luck! Time to move on.

Being blunt comes easier to some people (ME) than others but being blunt doesn't mean your'e being rude!

And if you see that girl in a unicorn tee, dancing like a fool by herself, know she's in the zone and doesn't want to dance with anyone but her beer.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

On Liquid Inspiration

This isn't going to be an uplifting post about who inspires me to strive to be the best version of me.

This is about how I'm more creative when I'm drunk.

April is full of stressful things for me. 99% of them being awesome, but still stressful.

I will be at a work conference on Thursday and since it's in Boston and one of my best friends lives outside of Boston, I'm taking Friday off and spending a couple nights visiting.

Knowing that means I need to:

  • get all my office work done by today
  • pack
  • get my taxes to my uncle (because he's a CPA and a saint and does them for us)
  • get some more wedding things done for Punta Cana
  • write blog posts
So Sunday night, I way lying in bed looking at a blank post. By the way, it's terrible how the page looks without a title or any writing. I stared at it for about an hour and couldn't get anything out of my brain.

Then Monday rolls around and I had an incredibly stressful day. Then I got drunk.
And then I came home and wrote 2 blog posts. And I feel like they were pretty good ones! One of them being yesterday's (which I feel had pretty sweet graphics as well).

And now I'm here on Tuesday night and I got nothing again! So I started drinking. And now look at me! Most of the way through another post!

I am getting nervous though because I stopped blogging last time because it turned into a chore. And since I don't even do my actual chores, I was over it! I don't want to be over this though. Plus I started this as a kick in the butt for my Etsy shop that is still waiting in the wings for me to not be so lame.

But I will not let this blog be a chore. I'm stressed out but I'm always stressed out. It's fine.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Metaphorical Room Is A Disaster

You know when your room is a complete mess. Not just messy but basically a war zone.

It's so bad that your worried to walk to your bed because there is so many discarded clothing items on the floor which, normally wouldn't be a thang, and you would just walk all over them, but it's not just one layer deep.
There is a solid chance that if you step on the sweatshirt you wore for 20 minutes before bed the other night, you will somehow crush on a ceramic family heirloom that somehow fell on the floor and got covered by said barely used sweatshirt.

Well besides the fact that my room is actually and literally a mess, I often use my overwhelmingly untidy room as my FML metaphor.

It's when you walk in your room, turn on the light, see the utter devastation and you suddenly get tunnel vision and sugar plum fairy dance to your bed. That's how I'm feeling right now. But about my life.

Work is cray. It's always cray. But there are so many projects that pop up sometimes I forget what my actual job responsibilities are and then I panic because I'm like AM I EVEN DOING ANYTHING?!

And then outside of work I'm also a mess. There is a destination wedding happening in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic the first week in May and I'm making a bunch of stuff for the wedding decor/favors. I have about 4 gazillion things to pack. I need to do spa things AND get a cavity filled.

Which sounds super weird. I have a dentist appointment. Stop being pervs.

I have an exam I'm taking for work the day before I leave. And then I have this little blog that I'm all excited about but all of it is making me...

I mean I guess I'll be fine. I'll pack for vaca, I'll make my appointments, I'll study for this exam and I'll finish crafting like it's N B D.

Am I pulling off calm well? Because I'm still hysterical.