Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Daylight Savings Is Lame

Dear Daylight Savings,
You're rude AF. (Millennial remember? I can say that.)
But seriously. After a hosting a beer tasting on Friday night, then getting up Saturday and being Irish ALL DAY and then Sunday being, well Sunday. Monday was a skank.
I mean who realllllllly needs daylight savings? Or why can't we just keep it on the savings part? I'm all for an extra hour of sunlight so why even take it away? Giving it back is just as hard as having it taken away. In fact, when you take it away, at least I get to sleep for another hour.

Here's what I COULD have done with my hour that was unfairly taken from me.

  1. cleaned my room because it is a filthy mess
  2. cleaned our bathroom after the parade of assaults that happened in a continuous fashion all morning Saturday (we had brisket and beers and 8 people over oh, and beers and Chinese food the night before)
  3. finished writing any of the 45 million blog posts I have started
  4. post more things on my poshmark account
  5. made s'mores
  6. alphabetized my kitchen cabinets
  7. unfriended people I don't talk to anymore on Facebook
  8. made a playlist for Punta Cana (we're going for a friends wedding in May!)
  9. forced Tom to watch The Secret of Moonacre (which is some rando movie on Netflix but there was a unicorn in it so I watched it)
  10. memorized the words to Downtown by Macklemore because that song is boss and he's a baller

or, more likely just browse pinterest.
Also, now I have no idea what time it is because half of our clocks have been adjusted and the others haven't. Let's hope I don't have any appointments for the next month because I'm not going to even try to make it to them.
I'm sure we'll be friends in a few weeks, I'm fickle like that.


  1. hahaha this is hilarious and spot on. i still haven't changed all of my clocks and i'm still so confused haha.


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