Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Here We Are Again

It's time for that first blog post.

People get writer's block, I've experienced it. Still, there is nothing like a first blog post. It's like writing to a pen pal you got assigned to for the first time.

Do I talk about me? Do I ask about you?

Maybe it's best to hop over and read my about me page. That might help break the ice a bit.

pink peonies

You came back! That's a good start!

I guess I'll talk about why we're here. I'm here because I have hopped, skipped and jumped head first into this new little business of mine! Glitter and Sarcasm is a shop filled with the things I spent so much time daydreaming about, I decided to make them. I have always loved being crafty and DIY-y and after about 4 bazillion people telling me I need to make my passion project available to the masses (aka the zero people that know I exist right now) I thought, you know? I could do this! And more than that, I could love it!

I liked the idea of having a deeper connection with the people looking at and potentially buying the things I was making and so here I am. Connections start now.

You're here for any number of reasons. At this point, probably because I'm somehow related to you. I do hope that, for whatever reason you're here, you're enjoying it. That's what this whole thing is about after all, enjoying what we got going on.


love and videos of baby goats in pajamas appreciated