Friday, March 25, 2016

I Want To Be Stock Photo Famous

I work in marketing in my real life (as opposed to blog life I guess?) and I love it. I love almost every part of it.

Except for the part where I have to look for stock photos. I don't know if you've ever done it but it's outrageous. You search for "airplane blue sky" and you get a elephant riding a tricycle with a monkey on his head. (LITERALLY)

But if you are familiar with stock photos you'll know there are stock photo celebrities. Specifically this girl:

Have you seen her every, I mean, anywhere? Because this chick is on billboards and websites and commercials and ads and magazines and anywhere you would think a racially ambiguous good looking but not particularly recognizable person would need to be.

Now that I've pointed her out you will see her in ALL THE PLACES.

But she's got a good gig going. She's basically a model without having to deal with the harassment of people judging the crap out of you! She probably makes a good living (stock photography is way more expensive than seems necessary) plus she basically gets to be Barbie. She dresses up in all these different outfits! She's a doctor and a business woman and a pilot and "the fun one" and ALL OF IT.

What do you think her name is?! Ooooh this is exciting! Mm I'm going to go with Patricia, but she goes by Trish. Yes. Definitely.

Tom thinks her name is Anna. He's clearly wrong.

I'd buy something from her. Financial service things. I'm just getting used to adulting so go with me on that last part. Loans? I would get a loan from her? Ok it's getting weird.

Doesn't she seem trustworthy tho? Like, I TOTALLY believe you work at a corporate office. But when you see her in scrubs, you're like, I believe that you need to look in my ears!

How does this keep getting so weird?

I guess I'm done with this. But it would be cool to be stock photo famous. I'm going to work on it. Start making those selfies pay for themselves, you know what I mean. {nudge nudge}

Again, weird. Sorry.


  1. This is too funny. I also have to do a lot of stock photo searching, but I've never come across this girl. Like you said, I feel like I'll probably see her everywhere now.


  2. OMG. Yes. I notice this girl's face EVERYWHERE. she does a lot of travel stuff. is that weird. like she's on lots of travel type photos which basically means she travels everywhere, right? she looks fun but sometimes her smile is super big. god i'm judgey.

  3. Haha I had never thought about stock photos, but I sure am gonna think about it now every time I see a billboard

    1. Elle, you also need to look at the vector stock images from I'm sure you will find a great photos there.

  4. I want to buy a house from her in Hawaii


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