Thursday, March 31, 2016

Text Claw: Are You Next?

I got a new phone last week. Thank you, thank you - yes it is a big deal.

I had the iPhone 4s. Yup, real life. And it was running the latest iOS too, so stick that in your pocket.. and smoke it? (mm I thought that was something people said but it doesn't seem right now..)

So I just went and got a shiny new iPhone 6s which, to be honest I don't know how I feel about. The whole 3D touch thing is sort of irritating.

Me, taking a selfie with my new phone at a bar crawl on Friday. Note the Text Claw aka iPhone Pinky

I do love that I can take pictures that don't look like someone took them with their LG Chocolate phone in 2007. And I love that I can use my fingerprint to do all kinds of stuff!! (I used Apple Pay today and sort of freaked out at Wholefoods, much to the cashier's dismay. Tom was supportive though)

The thing is, since my phone is now so much bigger, my apps all got rearranged and it's been a very difficult adjustment. I pretty much use the same apps all the time but it's still very hard to have to use my brain, you know how it is.

Let's be real. You came here because you were like "what's text claw? is it totally the new selfie stick?!"

So my girlfriends at work were talking about this article (which is very clearly science and they have an archeologist quoted so, it's all fact) which talks about physical deformities caused by holding your smartphone with your pinky keeping it in place (as I'm doing in the picture above. Also my friend called it "iPhone pinky" but this article calls it"text claw" which is infinitely more creepy/terrifying and apparently the almost official name for this ailment.

Now I'm googling "text claw" and getting far too many results. Including a whole host of ways to prevent/help it? This is now horrifying af and I want no more of it.

WELL THANKS GUYS. I started writing this post to tell you how hard it was to rearrange my apps on my phone and now I'm WebMD-ing text claws.


  1. haha... is this really a thing? I'm totally going to be super aware of my hands now :)

  2. HAHA omg I had no idea that was a thing and just picked up my phone to see if I do it and yes, I absolutely do! And it's pipe. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  3. lol this is hilarious! one of the things you don't realise you do until someone points it out. i have an iphone 6 (not s. just 6. i had the 4 thingy before) and the i don't want 3d things with pinky touches. that freaks me out. i want my phone to be a phone with the benefits i want and none of the things i don't want haha.

  4. hahaha! I always hold my phone in my pinky and text with my thumb. I don't even know what this 3d business is, I'm sticking with my 5s for the foreseeable future.

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