Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The "Just The Best" Feeling

Everyone has a list of things that are just the best. Everyone's list is different and the list is always changing.

I'm not talking the "oh thank god" feeling, or the "WOO!HOLYMOTHEROFWONDERFUL" feeling or the "it's about time" feeling. It's kind of in between all those feelings.

I'm sharing my list with you today and maybe that will explain things better? Or it will at least give you some insight as to what I got going on over here.

  1. eating chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and syrup. Bacon cooked the right way which would be crispy but chewy and fake syrup because it just tastes better than real syrup.YUP I SAID IT. #hatersgonnahate. No matter what time of day - It's just the best.
  2. looking up and seeing your best friends all in the same room. As you get older this happens FAR too infrequently. I have day dreams about this, and when it really happens you just have to take a second because it's really just the best.
  3. taking your bra off at the end of the day. Step 1. Unsnap the clasp Step 2. throw it on the floor Step 3. stretch. Step 4. have just the best feeling.
  4. getting a really good hug right when you need it without asking for it. I love hugging. Hugging is my favorite. Getting a good hug is wonderful. Getting a good, unexpected hug is even better. Getting a good hug when you need it is so comforting and when you combine those? Just the best.
  5. being outside when it's real warm but a little breeze is going and the sun is shining on you. The feeling of the sun on my skin is just my happy place. I don't need to be on the beach or anything, I mean that'd be great but just thinking about it is making me want to close my eyes and smile because I can feel the feeling! Does that make sense? UGH where is SUMMER?! I neeeeeeed that just the best feeling STAT!
  6. driving by yourself when your jam comes on. I'm not great at being by myself. I've gotten a lot better at it (although I'm even more unproductive when I'm by myself - just ask Tom) but there are certain things I really enjoy doing by myself. Shopping is one of them and driving is another. When your song comes on and you're by yourself and you SCREAM every word through a huge smile and you just think about all the great things that ever have happened or will happen? Yep. Just the best.
An incredible restaurant at the end of a pier in Malibu. Definitely just the best.
After writing all that and reading it back, I realize I definitely do agree with #1 still but I think a lot of that had to do with the fact I was eating chocolate chip pancakes for dinner.. and if we're being honest that's what triggered this whole post.. 

So what's on your "just the best" feeling list?! 


  1. Taking your bra off for sure!

  2. I love all of these. I'm great at being by myself but one of the times I love it the best is being in the car when my jam comes on.

  3. TOTALLY with you on all of these, especially jamming in the car and getting outside when it's nice out. Another one is when I'm done working out - I always feel so accomplished and exhausted, but in a good way. :)

  4. I agree with all but my fave is throwing the bra off. Have a great week!!

  5. *whispers* i don't like bacon very much *talks loudly* but i do like chocolate chip pancakes and fake syrup, in fact in australia i don't think we have 'real syrup' we have golden syrup lol. that's what we call it. it is definitely not real.
    but yes to driving by myself and singing along, kc has the nerve to be like 'can you be quiet' so i much prefer to be on my own. i used to suck at being on my own but not gonna lie i love it now. and hugs. seriously. all the hugs. i don't understand people who aren't huggers. weirdos.

  6. haha you probably won't believe this but after writing so many rant and complain-y posts i started to think about some positive things i can post about, and i came up with something similar :) i may not write it for a while (not feeling so jovial at the moment- #BLECH) but i agree with the ones on your list! one of mine was going to be "putting on an article of clothing that came out of the dryer." Ahh.

  7. This post makes my heart ache! I miss you and am so excited to be near you again soon. Breakfast for dinner is my happiness booster and best in between feeling. Always. Cuddling with your pup and they look up at you adoringly as you rub them that your heart melts...until you smell that they have just gassed it and your nose has now been assaulted by their vicious vapors


love and videos of baby goats in pajamas appreciated