Wednesday, March 9, 2016

#throwback - Jem and the Holograms

Someone tell me they remember watching Jem and the Holograms back in the day.

I know they recently made a movie about it which I totally have not seen. BUT when I saw the cartoon was available on Netflix, I was clearly making it a priority.

So, I may have been mostly drunk when I was watching it, but it's kind of terrifying. I mean, over looking the whole horrific graphics thing, it's still incredibly bizarre.

I know it was the 80's but I don't think kids watching the show were having cocaine with their fruity pebbles but the people who put these story lines together most certainly were.

I remember it being so coherent and awesome, with all the cool songs... It seems very random watching it now, #spontaneousmusicvideos, but the Misfits are still jerks.

Now I'm suffering though cognitive dissonance (BOOM. Psychology degree!) because I want to watch more but I'm afraid I'll just get more weirded out and it will change my whole perspective on life!

Ok, that's a bit much. Still, Thundercats is available on Netflix now too. Do I go for it? Do I just remember it in all it's odd kitten glory? Or do I take a chance like I did with Jem?

I'm probably going to watch Thundercats because, well duh.

What was your favorite throwback tv show?


  1. Oh my word - I was so obsessed with Jem. I was so mad that they made the movie a DUD!


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