Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weird Ex Boyfriend Dreams

Every person in a relationship has woken up some morning and just been SO inexplicably mad at their significant other that they can't even stay in bed with them another minute.


That inexplicable anger comes from your subconscious trying to ruin your god damn day. At some point in the night, you had a dream about him or her cheating on you, or being a jerk, or breaking your heart or running over your foot with a grocery cart and not apologizing.

If you've never experienced that then you are either lying to yourself and everyone around you or you have had the other version of things - the inexplicably sad wake up.

This happens when, in your dream, your significant other gets terminally ill or gets murdered or through a terrible series of unfortunate events gets blinded by rabid attack bats.

COME ONNNNN you know you've been there.

So those dreams are pretty typical for me. But the other night I had an ex-boyfriend dream. Tom and I have been together for 5 years and I'm so busy being needy and outrageous with him, I literally don't have time to think about other guys. This dream though wasn't a "ohmyagahhh I totally cheated on Tom with my ex! WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!" It was just my ex and I having a conversation. About nothing in particular.

What I was like in high school so I'm not sure why I even had a boyfriend.
SO WEIRD. Like in the dream we were friends. Good friends... I think? I mean in the dream it was totally not weird that we hadn't seen each other or talked in 10 years, actually now that I think about it, I don't think time existed in this particular dream.. (and don't act like that's a weird thing to say because you know exactly what I mean) but we were just normal adult friends.

Also now that I'm thinking about it, I don't know if he was even him.. I can't remember actually seeing his face in my dream but it was definitely this kid.

Again, SO WERID. So now I'm like, is this kind of a sign? Am I supposed to be friends with this kid?  But no, because why?

Also, background: he still sees my friends all the time and a recent scenario came up which is, I'm sure, why this is all happening.

I'm definitely that person that reaches out after a dream out of nowhere and is like "OMGHEYYY remember when we used to be in each other's lives and now were totally not but I had a dream about you that was only kind of weird and I guess just hey and hope you're having a solid life"

Welp. Whatevs. I won't do the weirdo message thing.

So.. feel free to share your sorta normal but definitely weird dreams with me so I'm not just that person rambling on in this post. I promise it will only be minimally embarrassing.


  1. Hahaha this is hilarious! I definitely have my fair share of weird dreams and anyone out there who tries to act like they don't have them are totally not being honest with themselves. The ones I hate the most are when you are trying to run away from a giant snake or spider and your stupid feet won't work-or maybe that's just me! haha

  2. haha omg yes, John and I both wake up mad at each other on occasion for something that happened in a dream. It's funny later, but in the moment I'm so angry!

  3. LOL- I've totally woken up before and been like where the hell did that come from? Scary, weird, and makes me question my sanity!

  4. So crazy! I am currently single (and have been for a few years) but I had a dream about my ex last night! We were getting back together which would never happen in real life because 1) I dumped him, so I don't want that back, 2) I haven't seen him in three years, and 3) He's engaged so ...

    SUCH a weird dream!

  5. Haha so weird! But believe me I've had similar weird dreams, sometimes I can tell it's my subconscious and other times I wonder where in the world it came from! :-P
    Green Fashionista

  6. Girl, I know exactly what type of weird dreams they are. It's crazy what happens when we sleep!!


  7. This has happened to me so many times. My husband just thinks I'm moody haha.

  8. SO funny. Dreams are too believable sometimes but it's extra weird when ex-boyfriends pop into your dreams and it's been like a decade. It certainly can't be the universe saying we should be friends!


  9. oh my gosh, this is hilarious. i haven't had an ex boyfriend dream in a long time, though the one where you're mad at your significant other? oh tons of those. KC and I broke up in 2011 for a couple months and then got back together. we are obviously happily married now, but for like a year, i kept having these dreams where he broke up with me again, and when i woke up i was like okay he didn't break up with me again, but i'd get mad about the original break up all over again haha. it was a fun time :)


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