Monday, March 28, 2016

Women I Want To Be Best Friends With

I talked about how I'd like to be stock photo famous but I would also like to be regular famous but only for one reason: to hang out with these people.

There are a lot of amazing (seeming, since I don't actually know them) people that are on TV, in movies and just generally in the media spotlight. And to be completely honest, I have kick ass friends so it's not like I'm looking for replacements. But telllllll me you don't want to be friends with these amazing ladies.

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  1. Joanna Gaines
  2. We could totally do renovations together and we can talk about how important faucet placement is and since we would be best friends, Chip would also basically be my husband and be super supportive of my life and bring home surprise puppies

  3. Amy Pohler
  4. We would quote a bunch of parks and rec and then we would get coffees and do totally normal friend stuff but it would be me and Amy, just hanging out. And we would definitely text a bunch and she would be really good at snapchat and would tell me I was good at it even though I'm not

  5. Oliva Wilde
  6. We would do so many fun things! I feel like she'd just be like, "let's go on a girls Thailand!" And we would go have have so much fun and make a bunch of really cool memories and she's make a memory book for me but totally narrate it in a way that makes it really funny with a bunch of inside jokes that no one else would get. and also she would let me marry her husband..

  7. Samantha Bee
  8. She'd be like, "you can call me Sam" but I would actually call her "Bee" because we're really close. And she would show me how to know stuff about the things going on in the world in a way that will not make me hate every person ever and not judge me but totally judge other people with me

  9. Adele
  10. First, she would tell me her last name, because I feel like it's kind of a secret. And then we would hang around London and she wouldn't even say anything about me talking in a British accent the whole time we hung out. We would probably go on walks in the park with her baby and probably bring wine with us. We'd definitely get drunk and singshout Hello

  11. Tina Fey
  12. We would do so many awkward things and it would be fine and even more than fine, it would be endearing. But we wouldn't even care that it was endearing because we do what we wantttttt and what we want to do is eat a bunch of night cheese and complain about dumb people

  13. Kristen Wiig
  14. We would probably just reenact bridesmaids in it's entirety and she would think I'm reallllly good at it and super funny. I feel like we would play pranks on people but like in the way where we're just acting like idiots and it embarrasses the people around us but we think it's fine. We would have heart to hearts about how people who get acrylic nails all the time should spend their money on more important things. Like ice cream and fried chicken.
If those are #squadgoals, I don't know WHAT is. I feel like Tay would be jealous. Kind of all over the place but also kind of a SNL theme. They are all cool as hell though.

Also if I ever find out any of these people are anything but completely awesome and amazing I'll probably just lock myself in a room with my night cheese.

Who would you want in your lady squad?


  1. Tina Fey - YES!
    I always say my best friend would be Kelly Ripa ;)

  2. I mean, I wouldn't change this lady squad - it's pretty damn perfect. Maybe I'd add Michelle Obama or Ellen or something. ALSO I AM OBSESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSED WITH SAMANTHA BEE.

  3. Tina and Amy are totally my types of people.

  4. tina is the bomb. working on my night cheese! haha. i don't know who samantha bee is.

  5. Hahah this list is great. YES to Adele in the squad + Mindy Kaling!

  6. How could you forget Mindy Kaling?! I'm sad your not a fan of Chelsea Handler...Given the mutual appreciation of Vodka and all.

    I'm definitely with ya on Tina and Amy. Listened to both of their books on long road trips so feel like we're basically besties. I'd add Mindy Kaling, Gloria Steinem, Sonia Sotomayor, Giada De Laurentis, Nicki Minaj, and bad A chics who do environmental conservation work


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