Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Metaphorical Room Is A Disaster

You know when your room is a complete mess. Not just messy but basically a war zone.

It's so bad that your worried to walk to your bed because there is so many discarded clothing items on the floor which, normally wouldn't be a thang, and you would just walk all over them, but it's not just one layer deep.
There is a solid chance that if you step on the sweatshirt you wore for 20 minutes before bed the other night, you will somehow crush on a ceramic family heirloom that somehow fell on the floor and got covered by said barely used sweatshirt.

Well besides the fact that my room is actually and literally a mess, I often use my overwhelmingly untidy room as my FML metaphor.

It's when you walk in your room, turn on the light, see the utter devastation and you suddenly get tunnel vision and sugar plum fairy dance to your bed. That's how I'm feeling right now. But about my life.

Work is cray. It's always cray. But there are so many projects that pop up sometimes I forget what my actual job responsibilities are and then I panic because I'm like AM I EVEN DOING ANYTHING?!

And then outside of work I'm also a mess. There is a destination wedding happening in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic the first week in May and I'm making a bunch of stuff for the wedding decor/favors. I have about 4 gazillion things to pack. I need to do spa things AND get a cavity filled.

Which sounds super weird. I have a dentist appointment. Stop being pervs.

I have an exam I'm taking for work the day before I leave. And then I have this little blog that I'm all excited about but all of it is making me...

I mean I guess I'll be fine. I'll pack for vaca, I'll make my appointments, I'll study for this exam and I'll finish crafting like it's N B D.

Am I pulling off calm well? Because I'm still hysterical. 


  1. Good luck with everything! I hate when life gets hectic like that, but everything usually gets juggled one way or the other.


  2. i hope you get everything done and it's not stressful at all!
    the part about stepping on things made me laugh. so much of my teenage/early adult years went like this:
    oh my god my sunglasses/family heirloom/whatever broke!
    how did it break?
    i stepped on it!
    what was it doing on the floor?

    or something.


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