Friday, January 20, 2017

New Year, New Me

I think that "new year, new you" saying is hilarious. 99% of the time people use it, the context is terrible. So ALL January I use, "new year, new me!" as a reason for doing absurd things (like eating ice cream for dinner) or things I have done for some time and will continue to do that are in no way new (like eating ice cream for dinner).

But it is January and honestly, there are SO many things I want to do. And have wanted to do for too long. But I haven't done them. So what the hell? Here are the things I'm committing to do this year. FOR REAL.

1. Have less than $500 in credit card debt at all times. 

First, I want to get down to $0 balances on my cards but then keep the balances on all cards under $500 total. That's still more than my ultimate, future goal but I know if it's too far out of reach, I'll never actually stick to the goal. Plus I'm HORRIBLE with money but I think having an actual goal instead of just having "don't spend money like a damn bozo" is going to help. Also I'm trying to keep up with all that on mint and it seems to actually be helping so far!

2. Be more outdoorsy (in more than a I walked the dog today kind of way)

We have a couple friends that moved back to the area who are superrrrr into hiking. I want to do that! And Lil loves that kind of stuff plus it makes her exhausted bonus! And I get really anxious when I spend all day in the house so this would help. And I also have turned into a complete lazy turd face over the last year in particular and I need to be more active or I'll melt into the couch.

3. Travel!

I'm not necessarily talking cray trips all over the world but just making an effort to explore new places. We have a trip to Portland, Maine planned for the spring and I'm going to Brazil for 12 days in May (WHICH I'M SO PUMPED ABOUT) and we go to California every fall for a work trip / family visit. I want to do those things and, while keeping costs reasonable, do even more!

4. Start my Etsy shop

I've thought about starting an Etsy shop about 40 billion times and then not following through. I want to follow through this year though! I have so many ideas in notebooks and on scrap papers of what I want to do and I'm just a pain in my own ass and haven't put in any effort to movie forward on it.

Also I'd like to not suck at blogging so much. I don't want it to be a chore but I love doing it when I have something I care enough about writing. UGH self motivation is RULL hard.


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