Monday, January 23, 2017


This probably isn't the post you're expecting.

Here's why I'm writing. It's 7:10 on Saturday, January 21st. And although I was productive today, I did stay in all day.

And for the last half hour or so I've been looking at photos of women's marches all over the country. All over the world.

Some of the images of people who stood up for what they believe in. For what I believe in.

March in Boston MA
March in Washington, D.C.
March in Hartford, CT

Those images, in particular the one from Hartford is why I'm feeling regretful. Honestly I was distracted. And hungry and being impatient with Lil and a bunch of other things.

And because I was not paying attention, not until later in the evening did I check in on social media. And then I realized I missed a historic opportunity. Not just to be a part of something big but to stand with people who understand the importance of what this movement is about.

I'm so proud of every person who went out to stand up for what they believe and for what I believe.

And now, a quick note to those of you who showed up for such an important day:

I'm embarrassed that I wasn't standing with you. I love you. All of you. It's people like you who inspire me and others. I promise that I will do more. Continue to stand up against the people and initiatives that will only hurt the future. I'll stand with you and I will not disappoint myself or you like this again.


  1. You might not have physically been there but you support the movement and that matters :)


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