Sunday, January 22, 2017

Things I Accomplished Last Week

1. Came up with an initial plan for the Glitter & Sarcasm Shop!

Without giving too much away, next weeks "accomplished" post will be a bit more exciting! I have some actual plans not just general stuffs.

2. Didn't get fired

Even though it was a short week this week, it was nahtttt easy. Also I feel like most weeks it's an accomplishment to not get fired... I'm not exactly even-tempered.

3. Won second place in trivia

We were tied and I beat the other team's guy at Rock, Paper, Scissors! (Which I'm dirrrrty at) And we got $50 to a ticket purchase place and $30 to World Of Beer which is where the trivia was being hosted.

4. Drank 24 oz of slightly over room temperature Coors Light at a minor league hockey game

I really don't like beer but I feel a strong compulsion to finish any alcoholic drinks I get. So two 12oz beers that cost $2 each still count.

5. Survived

Considering we officially have our 45th president in office, this may also be a recurring accomplishment. You can accomplish a lot in 7 days. Use them wisely!

You can do a lot in 7 days. What are you going to accomplish this week?

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